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Xiamen CDVD Turnkey were founded in 2009 and have 10 years of experience in working with large-scale enterprises in 38 countries. We have worked with companies such as Lionsgate, Staples, Rapid Display, OnStar, X-Train and Roberto etc. We currently have 145 staff members in two independent buildings of 15,000 square meters. We were awarded the ISO9001 and ISO14001 certificates for quality system and environmental management system.

As a 15 years China CD DVD disc replication and printing;replication & corresponding packaging services, monthly capacity for CDs is 720million, and DVDs is 280million.

Include Vinyl CD, Blu-ray Disc, 12&7 Vinyl record, Book/Manual/booklet/brochure printing & paper craft box (household storage box, wine box, stationery, gift box) together with corresponding kitting/assembly, pick & pack, collection kits, cd dvd gift box sets, digipak and other box sets package services.


Productions & business services:
media (CD/DVDs) replication&printing,duplication,artwork/packaging design, data management

We provide dependable, complete replication services on all disc platforms, including standard and mini CD and DVD replications services(the DVD-5, DVD9, DVD-10 and the CD-Rom, audio CD, VCD etc); DVD duplication, CD duplication, multimedia encoding, printing, packaging, customized fulfillment and distribution. CD&DVD CATS test system from Switzerland.Monthly capacity on CDs:720mil, and DVDs:280mil.

- CD/DVD disc & printing material and corresponding packaging products kitting/assembly, pick up & pack,collection kits, box sets

Assembly and barcoding for retail sale of CD optical disc releases. Packaging such as shrink wrap ,CD/DVD Case, cardboard, hardcover books, brochure, booklet etc, include help to pack other material from clients, Graphic Design, from simple sleeves to advanced cardboard mailers using high quality offset CD Film and press plate creation from clients postscript files, jewel box inserts, album,booklets, products manual & catalog , color printing carton( boxes),  tray cards, software boxes and more.

There are many packaging options available for our CD/DVD Replication. Depending on your budget, you can choose

1. Standard/Slim Jewel Cases (Normally used for CD, 1~4pcs)

2. Amaray Cases (normally used for DVD), clear &black 1,2~12pcs multiple package

3. CD Digipak & DVD Digipak, with brochure or slipcase box, 4~12 panel for 350g with clear cd&dvd try.

4. Disc Wallets, Cardboard Sleeves or Mailers, 250g 4c printing, 1,2~14pcs multiple package

5. Paper Sleeves/Plastics Sleeves/Tyvek Sleeves,3c~15c thickness with & without adhesive

6. Clam Shells, 8cm and 12cm clear or color

7. Hardcover CD Books & DVD Books, with clear try or cd foam hub to put the cd dvd disc

8. Hardboard multiple books & box package,1200g cardboard full color printing, 10~32pcs multiple package

9. Box sets or collection kitting, material from clients with our material be packaged as one combine productions

10. custom design any other package way

 - Book/Labels Service/Maunal/booklet/brochure/gift box/carton etc printing productions
Our printing products cover a wide range from basic black and white, to full color offset printing, to hardcover book binding. Some highlights of our products include product manuals, brochures, catalogs, books, periodicals, magazines, posters, paper bags, packaging boxes, gift boxes, and display box.

Advantage :

- We are Staples, Lionsgate, Rapidisplay audit qualified manufacture.

- Lionsgate Brand and logo Authorization

- Blu-ray Disc Logo License Agreement

- CSS & Macrovision copy protect, encryption

- Philip Royal LSCD fee process,

- Large projects for Madman movie DVD cube craft box sets

- Workout/fitness multiple disc with cardboard/dvd case and box sets

- hypnotism multiple digipak from 4panels to 12panels

- CD/DVD books sets by all kinds of package collection

- Auto package machine, rich experience on mold & operation, big capacity, large size 1.6m printing.


With years of cooperation experience with large-scale enterprises both at home and abroad, CDVD Turnkey has been engaging in professional production process and leading management to provide customers with product demand and innovation requirement, and implement self development and management of customers demand, and put forward the business principle of providing customer with professional CD and DVD replication and printing solution upon accurate marketing sense.

Cooperate Principles : Trust & Enthusiasm
Let us become trustworthy in and out of the company. Being careful with our words and being faithful to small, daily responsibilities unintentionally provides the basis for trust. Do what you have been asked to do as soon as possible and keep your promises. Let us work with enthusiasm and affection in our daily efforts. Your enthusiasm to meet that days challenges will solve everything. Difficulty and hindrance usually accompany any job. Do not give up and give every effort in your work.

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