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Order Confirmation- deposit payment receipt- all material from clients-Artwork Pre-Press and Proofs- Produce and Packaging- Delivery confirmation - preparedness-shipment
Once we have received all the required paperwork and production assets, then we will begin your order. First: The artwork is checked in our Pre-Press process to ensure it meets our printing specifications and, if so, we generate an electronic artwork proof and forward it via email for your review. The proof gives you one last chance to review the design for accuracy and completeness before it goes to print. Then commonly we will make a sample and send to your final approval, after that, we will start the mass produce works for you. After the goods be prepared, we will bring the freight directly to your door or as your request in the most direct way and in the shortest time.
You need prepare the following jobs to us to do your orders:
STEP 1 Submitting Your order

Title and Quantity
Printing Requirement
Packaging Requirement
Delivery date (ex-factory date)
Price and Payment Terms
Shipment method (by Client, Local Delivery, Sea, Air)
Shipping Address
Packing Size and Carton Marking / Label
STEP 2 Pressing Copyrights
An Authorization Letter Form: copyright or authorization certification. doc format that can be downloaded, printed, and submitted to us. The signed and dated form can be delivered by hand, mailed, couriered, or transmitted via fax.
Any third-party software applications you plan to include on your CD (such as Apple QuickTime, Netscape Navigator, MS Internet Explorer, etc.) are the intellectual property of the persons or organizations that developed them.
It is illegal to reproduce and/or distribute third-party software applications without a license, whether your product will be sold, used internally, or given away. Even freeware and shareware applications require a user distribution license from the property rights owner if you want to include them on your CD.
Most third party software owners will require you to print their logo, trademark, or copyright symbol onto your packaging, inserts, and discs. Copyright owners may even require you to include warranty disclaimers and other legal information about their software applications with your product. To be in full compliance, there are a few requirements you need to observe before we can begin processing your order:
(1) Contact the software owners and get written permission to replicate their copyrighted material. Written authorization and a detailed list of replication requirements can be obtained on-line for most freeware and shareware products.
(2) Submit your completed Authorization Letter Form with your Disc order. Be sure to include all support documentation for any third party software on your disc.

Mechanical Licensing:
  • Required if you are manufacturing CDs or cassettes which contain reproductions (or cover versions) of songs which you dont own or control.
Synchronization Licensing:
  • Required for reproductions (or cover versions) of songs that are being transmitted via formats such as movies, video, DVD, CDROM, multimedia, advertising, karaoke, internet and website uses, etc.
Master Licensing:
  • Required for any product or use when you are reproducing the actual source recording, be that audio or video. This includes audio samples of any duration, television footage, film footage, etc.?
  • You must obtain a license for any master recording which is used in your production from the owner of said recording.
We will not accept any order where there is a suspicion of unlawful copying of copyright material. Furthermore, we will report any attempt to use our services for such illegal purposes to the proper authorities.

STEP 3 Preparing Your Master
Before submitting your master and the graphic (and a back up copy) please ensures it performs exactly as desired and that it is packaged appropriately to protect it from being damaged in shipping.
1) The following source media are commonly used as input to either premastering or glass mastering for CD and DVD formats.
CDs and CD-Rs
These can be used as input to premastering and glass mastering for CD Audio or CD-ROM, but the media supplied must be free of scratches and other defects.
DVD-R discs can be used for glass mastering of DVD-Video, DVD-ROM and DVD-Audio content but only for DVD-5 and DVD-10 (for which 2 DVD-Rs are needed) and if no copy protection or regional coding is needed. The DVD-R can be of either authoring or general type and should be free of defects such as scratches.
Digital Linear Tape (DLT)
DLTs that have been recorded on the following drives can be used for any DVD, DLTs must contain DDS files.
DLT4000 to DLT8000
DLT1: the new low cost DLT drive
All DLTs should contain the following files:
1.      DDP ver 2.0 file which describes the disc parameters.
2.      Control data which will be written to the disc lead-in area.
3.      DVD disc image file, comprising data sectors.
4.      DVD premastering tools should write these files correctly to the DLT tape.
Note that each layer of the DVD will need a separate DLT, so DVD-9 and DVD-10 discs will need 2 DLTs each with the appropriate data. The DDP must indicate which layer/side the content is intended for.
Digital Audio Tape (DAT)
This tape format is not recommended but can be used for CD Audio. For CD audio the audio must be recorded at 44.1 kHz and with SMPTE or ABS time code, otherwise premastering will be required before glass mastering.
Please Noted:
1.      Standard capacity for replicated full size Audio CDs is 74 minutes.
2.      Maximum capacity for replicated full size CDROM is 640mb.
3.      Maximum capacity for replicated DVD5 is 4.7gb.
4.      Maximum capacity for replicated DVD9 is 8.54gb
5.      Always use good quality media and have your master burned at the slowest possible speed.
6.      Supply two copies of your master, keeping a third copy for yourself as a back-up.
7.      Make sure your supplied masters have your name, project title, phone number and CDVD Turnkey job number included.
8.      Stamper ID number requirement, if any (must accompany with the P.O. and Copyright Certification)

STEP 4 Preparing Your Graphic

1. Graphic for CD and DVD disc
You should supply your design artwork, our graphics department will check and fix your files to make sure your crop marks, folds, bleeds, and other specs are in perfect order. This is a value added service we provide at little extra charge. After this is done, well provide you a proof to make sure everything is to your liking before we go to print.
Please reference the technic of the printing.
2. Graphic for Paper Printing
High-Quality printing is a basic requirement of all projects. Quality service and responsiveness makes every project flow. Combine the two and the result is a finished product that everyone can be proud of. At CDVD Turnkey, we coordinate your printing to flow with your project. From color balance to production timing, your project is managed for success. With our dozens of different presses, configurations and bindery possibilities, no project is impossible.

Brochures & Flyers
Brochures and flyers can help make your program a success. When it comes to quality printing of your promotional material, Topkey is the right choice. From full-color printing on high gloss stock to tasteful spot printing on exotic offset stocks, our printing craftsmen will make your next printed piece look great. Brochures and flyers can help make your program a success. When it comes to quality printing of your promotional material, Topkey is the right choice. From full-color printing on high gloss stock to tasteful spot printing on exotic offset stocks, our printing craftsmen will make your next printed piece look great. Custom folding and die-cutting is not a problem with our extensive bindery services
Book & Manual
Does your program require a printed book or printed instruction manual How about a printed catalog of your products Whatever your need, Topkey can print the piece With over 20 printing presses strategically located in the South of China, our partners have the right press and the right location for your project. From 1-color to 10-color in-line presses to sheet fed, open web or full heat-set web printing, we can meet your needs. Whether from electronic files or camera ready art, our experienced electronic imaging department can turn your concepts into reality.
Much of the packaging we produce requires the use of printed labels or printed inserts. At Topkey we can handle all of your printing needs.
From audio & video labels and cosmetic packaging labels to printing of album inserts, we have the right press for your job.
Barcodes UPC Barcodes / Top Spine Label / ISRC Codes

Topkey can make the UPC Barcodes / Top Spine Label / ISRC Codes to fit the request of customers. If you plan on selling your CD through retail shops or on-line services, you should include a UPC barcode graphic on your packaging. In fact, some retailers may even refuse to sell your product unless it has a barcode. E-jump can add a barcode to your layout for free. This includes creating the barcode graphic file and placing it into your layout.
Label printing
Full flexo label printing from 1-color to 6-color inline UV, Foil Stamping and die-cutting capabilities available. Our presses can print on paper, vinyl or acrylic substrates with adhesive or non-adhesive backings.

Insert printing
The paper that slides into the front of the jewel/DVD case is known as the "insert". Its often a folder of some sort - but can be stapled into a booklet -it is the part that you can pull out of the jewel/DVD box. Include other Cardboard, manual, booklet etc. Spot PMS or full color process litho printing up to 6-colors in-line. Our sheet-fed or web presses print on coated or offset stocks.
Specialty Printings
There are many items that we print that do not fall into the standard printing categories.
1.      Card Decks
2.      Ad Specialties
3.      Phone Cards
4.      Vinyl "Window Clings"
5.      Silk-screen Printing
6.      Pad Printing
If you are looking for something out of the ordinary, give us a call. You will receive creative solutions to whatever your requirements may be.
1.      Full open web
2.      Heat-set web
3.      Up to 10 color sheet-fed
4.      Oversized printing up to 50" x 70"
5.      High-speed Docutek
1.      Electronic image processing
2.      Scanning
3.      Typesetting Design & Layout
4.      MAC & PC Platforms
1.      Varnish, Aqueous and UV Coatings
2.      Film Laminate
3.      Die-cutting
4.      Emboss and Deboss techniques
5.      Foil Stamping
1.      Shrink wrapping
2.      Looseleaf Binding
3.      Saddle Stitch Binding
4.      Prefect Binding
5.      Spiral Wire Binding
6.      Wiro-O Wire Binding
7.      Tabbing
8.      Folding and Perfecting
Machine and hand collatin
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