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Common the accessories kits include the CD/DVD disc, paper card, books&manual, label and paper bag or plastic sleeve.With a fancy packaging and a high quality request, with the SGS test and MSDS test to meet the ROHS or other policy roles.

CDVD Turnkey provide a comprehensive services from design, printing, replication, packaging and logistic services.Here aim at the cd/dvd disc and printing combine which usually as a accessories kits for your productions. Based on your all kinds of design for your introduce accessories kits, we always give the professional technic supports and highest quality and fast turnaround to meet your requirements.
Our factory are the ISO9000 and ISO14000 company with over 10 years experience and with the advanced machines, under the quality system, we even be honored as a supplier for GM(OnStar project), AOC/TPV(the bigest monitor manufacturer of the global), ASUS etc, include their CD/DVD disc, all printing jobs and Labels and packaging.
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