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15 years CD&DVD disc replication and printing, CD&DVD corresponding packaging kitting/assembly, pick & pack, collection kits, box sets

There are many packaging options available for our CD/DVD Replication. Depending on your budget, you can choose

1. Standard/Slim Jewel Cases (Normally used for CD, 1~4pcs)

2. Amaray Cases (normally used for DVD), clear &black 1,2~12pcs multiple package

3. CD Digipak & DVD Digipak, with brochure or slipcase box, 4~12 panel for 350g with clear cd&dvd try.

4. Disc Wallets, Cardboard Sleeves or Mailers, 250g 4c printing, 1,2~14pcs multiple package

5. Paper Sleeves/Plastics Sleeves/Tyvek Sleeves,3c~15c thickness with & without adhesive

6. Clam Shells, 8cm and 12cm clear or color

7. Hardcover CD Books & DVD Books, with clear try or cd foam hub to put the cd dvd disc

8. Hardboard multiple books & box package,1200g cardboard full color printing, 10~32pcs multiple package

9. Box sets or collection kitting, material from clients with our material be packaged as one combine productions

10. custom design any other package way


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