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CD/DVD in paper/plastic sleeve packaging,such as paper sleeve, pvc sleeve, pp/CPP sleeve, bopp sleeve etc, can be die to shaed or with a block of glue or adhesive tape.The traditional TYVEK sleeve has now been superseded by a polypropylene material for cost and environmental reasons. This wallet is a simple method of protecting the CD whilst allowing easy identification of the product by way of the printed image on the CD body. The wallet can also have an additional printed insert or booklet to enhance the presentation or convey installation instructions or license details.Also available with an adhesive strip to allow your CD or DVD to be attached easily to your publications.

If budget , environment, and simplicity are the elements of your plan, consider using simple sleeves instead of the jewel case extravagant. Sleeves with clear window allow your well designed artwork to be seen. When you see there is no need to duplicate the same artwork on the disc to the insert, using sleeves is not only wise, but environmental and practical.These basic sleeves protect the disc from being scratched. Their light weight makes them perfect for many applications, magazine insert .

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