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Standard CD jewel case and DVD case with insert then shrink-wrapped or poly packed, a film wrap with or without tear-strip can be applied for further physical and product protection.

The CD jewel case is the rigid shell case most commonly seen with music CDs and it is one of the most popular packaging options for the CD. It can be supplied in various guises - with a standard black or white tray or possibly with a clear tray to show the printed rear inlay sheet behind the CD. The rear inlay sheet will normally have the printed spine to improve the identification of the product,and can be single sided or double-sided .The standard front insert booklet can be anything from a simple card to a multi-page full colour booklet.

The DVD case common size are for 7mm thickness,9mm thickness,14mm thickness by single or double, and multi-pcs, such as 3, 4,5,6,7,8,9,10 etc. Which is commonly be use as the DVD disc packaging, is a professional packaging way.And the case many be made in China without the DVD logo.

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