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We are deeply aware that technology is changing with each passing day in this information age. In order to provide best products and service in the industry. Topkey  poured huge investment to channel in the most advanced equipment and technology at a step-by -step manner and as planned, to stand on the frontier of laser digital storage read-only CD reproduction industry, providing continuous and reliable protection for the production of the best quality products.
With the laser equipment and technology, we can enjoy the increased competitiveness brought about by technology innovations. Meanwhile, we also value the increased competitiveness brought about by management innovation, system innovation. With the mix of continual technology innovation and constantly-improving human resource. Topkey is making great headways to maintain its leading position in the industry.

Production Flow for Replication

CD Printing Size
Printing area: 1) 18~32mm, this area is both ok with printing or without printing 2) 36~117.5mm.

Production Flow

Maternal Disk Storage Servince The clients of CDVD Turnkey will never have this kind a worry, because we have assigned the specialized person and specialized room for the storage of your disks, except for standardizing the storage of the maternal disk, we have guaranteed the safety of your goods by the storage room conditioning of constant temperature, fire protection and being under the supervision.


Disc Print : Screen-print or Offset

1. Silk-screen

We can printing 1 to 6 color on the disc, and include the Silk-screen and Offset .

  • Topkey can reproduce any color from the Pantone Color Formula Guide 1000 as well as the Pantone Metallic Color Guide.
  • Please be aware that slight color deviations may occur between color printed on a white surface and the same color printed on the DVD aluminum colored surface. This is due to aluminum reflecting light (the color might seem darker on the disc than on white paper).
Submitting Files for Artwork
Common Graphics Problems
CD and DVD disc related technical
What are all the available media formats?
What are the available physical sizes and shapes of CD and DVD?
Common question about the CD and DVD disc?
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