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What are the available physical sizes and shapes of CD and DVD?
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Unknown by a lot of people, any CD-ROM drive, CD player, or DVD player always has an extra inner tray for accepting the 80mm disc. That fact that a CD or DVD reader only cares about the data, not the physical shape of the disc, creates a lot of possibilities for different sizes and shapes of CD or DVD. Let us try to explain few of the most common ones.
[1] 120mm Standard Size
This is the most common form. The diameter of the disc is 120mm. A DVD and a CD in this size look exactly the same. Only under microscopic examination one can tell the difference. A CD in this size has standard 650MB capacity but can be up to 700MB when defying the Philips CD standard (the Yellow book) . Some people prefer to use the audio CD play time to gauge the capacity. A 74 minute CD is actually a standard 650MB CD. An 80 minute CD is the 700MB CD. 700MB CD may not play on all the CD readers, especially the old ones. DVD in this size can be DVD-5, DVD-9, DVD-10, DVD-14, and DVD-18.
[2] 80mm Mini Size
Mini disc, as it is often called, fits right into the inner tray without the need for any adapter. Mini discs are very popular as magazine inserts or mass mailing media. A Mini CD-ROM has 185MB capacity and a Mini DVD has 1.4GB capacity. Mini CD-R usually has 210MB capacity.
[3] Hockey Rink Disc
Essentially a mini disc with the top and bottom chopped off. It was probably invented by someone who had found a broken disc still worked. There many names associated with this shape of disc. Business card Disc, Hockey Rink Disc, Oval Disc are few examples. The capacity of a hockey rink Disc varies depending upon how much of the top and bottom are cut off. Hockey Rink Disc fits into the inner tray just like the mini disc.
[4] Rectangular Disc
,diameter is 5.5cm or 6.0cm rectangle
Rectangular Disc has the true look of a business card Disc. It has the same functionality as the hockey rink Disc and also fits into the inner tray. For a rectangular Disc to fit into the inner tray, different mechanisms are used. The most common one is to have a ridge on the data side of the Disc. Another way is to have the corners of the Disc thinner than the part that will seat into the tray. More or less like have a hockey rink cd glued to a rectangular plastic.
[5] Shaped Disc
Life is filled with preconceptions. One of them is that Disc has to be circular. Ever since a guy discovered that a broken Disc would still work, people have been making Disc in different shapes. Business card Disc (hockey rink or rectangular Disc) is just one of the applications on such discovery.

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